Terms and conditions

Online service webCONTACT is used to generate and manage user websites, with priority for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

1. Service provider

Service provider is Ing. Ladislav Slosiar – Black Point, J. D. Matejovie 549/8, 033 01 Liptovsky Hradok, ID: 40003795, Slovak Republic, hereinafter provider.

2. General conditions

  • User by completed and sending order form gives to provider agreement for processing of personal information.
  • Provider undertakes not to provide personal information to third parties. The data provided will be used only communicate with each other, or for the ordered services.
  • Provider reserve the right, as appropriate, change the general terms and conditions of service webCONTACT.
  • User of webCONTACT service rents in the selected time interval CMS system, and therefore is not owner of the CMS license.
  • User expressly understand and agree that use of the services is at his sole risk and the services are provided "as is" and "as available".
  • Provider will endeavour for maximum functionality and availability of the service.
  • Provider does not guarantee that the service webCONTACT meet the specific requirements of the user and is not responsible for any damage caused by it (lost profits).
  • Provider is not responsible for damage caused by loss or damage stored data, or temporary service interruption.
  • Provider is not responsible for the content of the data entered by user into CMS system.
  • User undertakes not to abuse the webCONTACT system by intentionally or otherwise overload the server.
  • Provision of services and their scope is governed by the valid price list, which is published on the website of the Provider.
Sale of webCONTACT service to third parties.
User agrees that it will not provide webCONTACT service to third parties. For webCONTACT service valid price list is available at www.webcontact.biz. The right of providing services to third parties only have a partners of the service provider, in this case valid price list is available also on www.webcontact.biz.

3. The test period

User has available 14 days to test and try the service for free. User agrees to receive emails related to presentation webCONTACT service during this trial period.

4. Penalties

In the case of non-compliance with the due date of the invoice (of the payment) will have user webCONTACT service available read-only. 30 days after the invoice due date (of the payment) the operator reserves the right to completely remove a user from the system.

5. Termination of service

Provider reserve the right to terminate webCONTACT service without giving any reason under the following conditions:
  • user violates the general terms and conditions of webCONTACT service,
  • if the user is using to disseminate unsolicited emails (spam),
  • if the size of data entered by the user overloads the database and file systems on servers,
In all the above cases, the operator is not obliged to return the subscription of webCONTACT service. In termination of service before the expiry of the subscription period at the request of the user, provider is not obliged to return the subscription fee of webCONTACT service.

6. Author of service and CMS system

Author of webCONTACT CMS is Ing. Ladislav Slosiar. Author owns all intellectual property rights and source codes.

Users and the third party shall undertake any breach of obligations and unauthorized interference with the copyright author to provide non-pecuniary damage in financial terms, and the right to compensation and unjust enrichment remains unaffected.

In Liptovsky Hradok on 1.9.2015